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The Basis for the struggle for FREEDOM

Why is it necessary to fight for freedom?  The struggle has beeYoungRevolution-The FREEDOM of ALL is the SECURITY for ALLn going on for centuries, yet people still continue the struggle; when is this war ever won? If this question rings true, that’s an interest in deeper things.

The significance of the struggle for freedom, its motivations, must be thoroughly understood.

When born, men are on the same side. They’re later separated by ideals – their idea of what perfect is), and the subsequent plans of action to repose those ideals.

When this initial state of man is considered in the political state –  the social relation he has with government, and considering his ideal of the perfect society organisation, the views of men can be widely and deeply divergent. That is the first account.

The second account is that man is gifted with certain powers in his soul and body. It is vital  to him, and to the the community in which he lives, that he has full opportunity to develop his powers, and fulfill his dreams. If another man or a foreign authority tries to hinder him from this, he has a right to fight, there are no terms sought on this. It therefore becomes the first duty of any right authority to develop the best of its men and women. The false false authority, because they acquire such authority by base methods, they develop the worst from the citizens


We are urged to action by a true and beautiful ideal – love of country; not hatred of the enemy.

If we remain as we are, then we’re waiting to revenge for the past. We’re not building a healthy mind of beautiful things for the future. Because as we’re the government is menace to the people. Unless you want history to force you to act, in which case you’ll be acting on your baser instincts.

The freedom of all is the security of all. Let no man deceive the masses that you could replace freedom with physical security. Common sense must dictate. The reason people must be free is to be secure. A people who are not free cannot be secure – secure in what is their basic freedoms are curtailed? All the dictators the world has produced, they thought that the presence of physical security would

With Freedom and security, man’s friendship with one another, with the state, and with the  people of nations, there is nothing that can stop it. I urge ALL young people to set their record straight, accepting nothing less than their freedom.



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