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Our devotion must always be to country. So people are trying to narrow the definition of nationalism to mean loyalty to a political party or to a particular individual; when such a party or individual pursues policies that are dangerous to the country, such people follow suite. This is how dictatorships are sustained – with the accomplice of seemingly learned people. We say No!

We love our country and we’re willing to sacrifice for it to be free

Future Generations

The future belongs to the young people. It is logical that they determine what that future will be. The old guard have sold us out, they have become decayed in the head, corrupt in deeds, tainted and lost honor; they have lost the moral right to lead.

Organizing nationwide

An organisation of young people joining politics for the first time, to carry the mantle of their dreams in their own hands, creating positive impact in society through knowledge, challenging bad governance, democratic practice, inspiring the next generations.

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