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Liberty is a price for which so much blood has been shed in so many countries for a long time. Tyrants have emerged over time in different places, to put a yoke of bondage to populations, and feed off their blood.
Liberty is not a philosophical theory, or a government policy, as these arise from circumstance. It is an in-born truth mechanism

And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: Leviticus 25:10

How Liberty is Lost

Liberty, or in simple terms – immunity of an individual from arbitrary exercises of authority (any use of authority or power not supported in human necessity or reason), is something so much blood has been shed for a long time. In-spite of history,

When a people don’t guard their liberty, dictators turn that into a vehicle to tyrant-hood. Revolution follows that kind of situation. Because of the importance of individual liberty, research into just how people lose their liberty to dictators;

  • Apathy (people lacking interest in things generally, or are encouraged to ignore them)
  • public morality (many people have no distinction between good and evil)
  • individual virtue (doing what is right)

The consequences

  • gradual encroachment of those in power on people’s freedoms
  • Use of violence against unarmed people
  • Sudden usurpation laws pass
  • Stagnation of the nation
  • Once lost, only blood will bring back liberty

When you see those things, you know that a people have lost their liberty.         It does not matter on whom it is happening, or in which country – it means the loss of value for human life, nobody can be safe in such a country

How Liberty is gained

  • Understanding & upholding your individual liberties and freedoms

A man who hopes that liberty will find him is his bed is like one who hopes to harvest the untended vines

Secure Liberties first

Let’s fight to secure the liberties and freedoms of the individual Ugandan first. Then we’ll have a context and a political space in which pursuing equal development. We cannot move forward when government violates the liberties of Ugandan – and indeed the rights of man. The government is the very institution breaking the laws of justice, as and when it suits it. That is misuse of people’s power,  and a reversal of civilization. Only the slaves can exist in such a state. We must remove the present NRM government and entirely reconstruct the institution of government. Government and the presidency are now a house of thieves.

Freedom comes before Development

When we secure individual liberties and freedoms, then the primal framework for discussing development issues is set.

The principles of LIBERTY & FREEDOM, or simply put – individual liberties and freedoms, if the young elites understand and live by them, are the fool-proof internal mechanism, not just to check dictators from emerging in vulnerable African countries, but a sure way to ignite economic activity, innovation, and guarantee maturity in politics.

To a revolutionary, liberty is like a ray of light seen from the dungeons.

We use them to replenish our mind and body. If you cannot proclaim these, anyone can take away your life. You cannot accomplish anything meaningful to others, without taking your liberties too seriously.

Upholding Liberty

Young men and women categorically rejecting dictatorial rule, over-staying in power, abuse and misuse of constitution, theft of public funds and taxes, trampling on individual liberties and freedoms, murdering citizens, running a closed deceptive obscenely corrupt government, division-ism, lack of opportunities for the young generation, entrenchment of on ethnicity, religion, in politics.

Upholding, protecting the liberties and freedoms of Ugandans

  • Upholding of open ideas and reason in the discourse of politics
  • Having right priority index in national planning and spending of limited public resources
  • A growth and transformation strategy that is people-centric, knowledge-centric
  • Individual freedoms and liberties protected by the constitution
  • Upholding of common sense values in the running of state
  • Stopping the abuse of the elections and universal suffrage concepts by election thieves

We must channel our strength into institutions that can live-by and uphold the values of individual liberties and freedoms. If we do not stand up and defend our morals, our conscience, our freedoms, the country will be abused. The poor will be destroyed. The voiceless will have no place speak. Those who in power will seek to monopolise everything is society.

The future depends upon us, the young men and women, to stand guard to the principles of, to let the abusers of power know that the revolution

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