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Institutions, Law & separation of powers

A state is made of institutions – Judiciary, Parliament, Executive, President, Police, Military. But these do no exist in a vacuum all by themselves- every Ugandan contributes money towards their functioning,  their budgets and their existence. If these institutions we run by funds from any outside source they would NOT remain independent . This is why the core of democracy is the co-existence of institutions with the people. There is an inter-dependency. If any or all of the institutions of state  acts in  ways that negate this inter-dependency, then the state CANNOT be called a democracy.

When the police is used to brutalise people and silence the people liberties, when the military finds itself killing the enemies of one internal political group against another, when the judiciary gets caught up in political trials, or is under influence  of one arm of state, the poor have not justice – that state is in anarchy. The institutions of state of Uganda have been fragrantly abused by different actors since independence.

We need to establish these institutions, and mind about their interdependence with the people who they exist to serve. We cannot let people’s liberties be reduced to the opinions of a political party.  Liberty and freedom are supreme principles, they are God-given rights to mankind. Every Ugandan should protect their liberty from the clutches of tyranny and ignorance.

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