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Since history, governments led by dictators have taken advantage of the social disintegration in weak states to curtail the will of the people and impose arbitrary governments. Every individual cannot make free choices unconstrained by the state. Uganda has never been free. Since Independence, opportunists have exploited internal weaknesses in the government system to superimpose themselves, without any conceptualization of change. After a while, their mask wears off and the people come face to face with the devilish government they thought was no more.

These are the key variables which have a strong impact on the national trajectory (path), and have got deterministic power on the rise or decline of a nation.

  • Political power distribution
  • National alliances
  • Technological development
  • Political system

When considering these variables in the Uganda context, the 28-year old one-man rule has turned the country from a free democracy – to a serfdom. Political power  in the country has been reduced to one-man distribution.

Those who are in the struggle today, to bring about positive political change in the country, are in effect attempting to make variations in these factors. Political power redistribution would mean putting an end the 28 year old misrule, and correct the political path of Uganda from serfdom to open democracy.

National performance and growth, steering clear of the path of civil war, bringing peace to Uganda are all directly or indirectly hinged on the above factors. As it is today, these variables are dangerously skewed. They MUST re-aligned in order for the people to be FREE to choose, FREE to associate, FREE from state corruption and theft. The OLD guard must be overthrown entirely.

The past provides useful signposts to a guide us into the future. History on the African continent shows that when the tenets of FREEDOM are disregarded, the masses suffer, and the country pays dearly. Why should we LET ANYONE bring suffering to the masses?

The emerging generation and Ugandans of good spirit must be ready to fight for FREEDOM, or risk the country becoming  a serfdom. We need to stand, and in not uncertain terms reject individual rule, and pave way for free democracy, broaden the individual liberties and freedoms as the processor of Uganda’s transformation towing in line with open liberal economy. Anything else is a wastage of resources.

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