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Understanding of the American liberal conundrum!



The American Revolution of between (1765-1783) and The Civil Rights Movement of between (1954–1968) gave birth to two types of “Rights” in America. One can hypothetically but factually categorize these as;
  1. The Rights of Thomas Jefferson, and
  2. The rights of Martin Luther King.
By timelines, these were two struggles 100 years apart; by agenda, the first was a bout independence and the second was about slavery.
Thomas Jefferson and 6 others (John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison, and George Washington) successfully led the American Revolution (1765-1783) against the British Crown. As a method to strengthen their struggle, they united the first 13 states to establish the United States of America for the first time. There were Americans who supported the British Crown in that struggle, even fought alongside the British. But those Americans gave America itself – its freedom & its formation.
When Americans are talking about their fore fathers, true Americans are referring to the above. What is noteworthy fromn that ara is that none of them was black.
About 100 years later, a new struggle had been building – the struggle of the rights of blacks on one hand and covering Latinos, Amigos and other minority races in America. The heroes of that struggle are found within the Civil Rights movement (1777-183454).
This is the second type of rights of Americans, and its heroes are Martin Luther King) came 100 years later which gave rise to Black nationalism within America and by extension the race war encompassing Latinos, Amigos, and other “minorities”.
In the current American political complex, it is clear that – Obama obviously is a proponent of the rights of Martin Luther King. He is the modern continuation of that struggle & his mere ascendance emboldened those old ghosts.
In his own words, Martin Luther King articulated that“…the greatness of america is the right to protest for rights” and this is the direction that the proponents of these rights have taken. I’m not saying they’re not Americans but these rights were not the sentiment of the American Revolutionary War. At the height of the inauguration of Obama, the frenzied masses were chanting “O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!” whereas at the height of Trump’s speeches, his supporters were chanting “U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!” That’s the difference – between Obama & Trump, Democrats & Republicans, the rights of Jefferson &b the rights Luther.
To make matters worse, America Revolutionary War history records that Numerous black Americans were also Loyalists – those who remained
loyal to the British Crown during the American Revolutionary War. Patriots called them “persons inimical to the liberties of America”.
Democrats tapped into the populist rights and got many whites to be sympathetic to the rights of Luther King.
All this International Human rights, Geo-political alliances (with the exception NATO) implement in one form or another, the rights of Martin Luther King an ongoing international. Obama further liberalized it and tried to convince Americans that American politics is “ an intramural scrimmage” – a game in which all players belong to the same as in a competition between houses. The problem with an intramural scrimmage is that it organised for players who can’t play at the international stage. But America plays at the international stage. Obama was saying this even as his policies were being blocked left right and center and he had to pass many of them by Executive Order.
The rise of gun violence, actually the rise of police violence in America under Obama, where cops shot blacks at unprecedented rate, was the respondent of those whop belong to the rights of Jefferson, to the rise and thrive of the rights of Luther King. It culminated in the rise of Trump.
Trump belongs in the rights of Jefferson. America First, America Great – all this that means a foreign policy to bursts some heads. This has always got the adrenaline of the far right, running. Not some boring domestic policy
Trump was born in New York which was one of the 13 original Colonies to declare indepdennce from Britain, and are the 13 stripes on the american flag
That is where American politics differs from African politics. The American military complex is build for fetching foreign glory. African militarizes are built to keep the builder in power. Don’t count our excursions in foreign peace missions as fetching foreign glory, because we are paid to that.
So I have always been baffled by the type of war that blacks choose to fight in foreign lands. The fight rights! But who gives rights? They want freedom! But who gives freedom? Blacks are always asking for what they already have, from people who don’t have it.
If blacks were asking for America to be your lands and territories, I don’t see what what. Are you seeking to invert colonialism? Blacks colonising whites by means of protest?
The means of struggle
Obama’s presidency was an outright coup d’état. He overthrew the right wing – the rights of Jefferson.
But that was temporary. But he depicted that . On the global scale, this war is between the ultra-nationalists – those who believe in rights of those who are grounded in their lands, and the internationalists who believe in a global system of shared values. These are the true democrats – shared values being at the core of unity. Museveni likes saying common interests. That will always maintain the rich class pitted against the poor class. The rich will always fight to control the opportunities, and the poor will always fight for the opportunities. Shared interests will always breed shared opportunities – and that is opportunism. It will always lead to where Marxist theory begins – the destruction of private ownership of property.
But shared values – we can make a sustained case for shared human values. Human Values a social phenomena which! I don’t think that there is a race which has or owns values that are more human than another race. That’s not possible. You’d have to a specie from out of this stratosphere. Civilization has progressed from an encore of human values.
But if you say, let me study and understand the way of life of Amigos, you will find in it something which, according to Immanuel Kant’s categorical imperative, can become a universal law.
We must know that equality is not about the rich apportioning some riches to the poor, the judges apportioning some justice to the poor, the strong apportioning some to the weak. That justice and equality should be before the law as it is before God. There is no one who can add or remove anything to what God has created, so all thoughts
Why do blacks fight for whats not truly theirs, and which they cannot even manage.
The richest blacks in America are dancers. So do they think they are going to dance their way to the moon, or
mix-tape the path to artificial intelligence. I’m not saying blacks we’re stupid but if a man has to kill a million people
in order to become president of the remaining, you tell me if our faculties are okay.
Let them each retrace their way home. We can entertain ourselves here, without anyone to remind us of our inherent ignorance.
I delved into that era with one question in mind: what was the blacks who were in that part of the world, in the American revolution.
You see I have come to learn that in practice, rights originate from a time which calls you fight, and you respond
positively. That is why war remains one of the most loved brokerage for those who want power.

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Global Politics

Opposition should protect its Own!

Birondwa Frank



Opposition should protect its Own

A rare phenomenon exists in the groups opposed to the dictatorial regime in our country today, that makes them seem unfit for the great cause of liberation. Basic revolutionary code demands that a force must protect itself – its fighters, and those who support its cause, from the attacks of their common enemy.

But not Ugandan opposition groups. They view this – protecting the revolution, as the concern of each independent opposition group or person. This is also how they approach the task of liberating the country – going it solo!

They meet, “agree”, even “sign”… and yet before the sun goes down they lie, cheat and betray themselves.  Every day they say “all we want is to – overthrow this dictatorship, create authentic democracy and protect you.

Unless we believe that logic works the same way the chameleon works,  personally I don’t think protection, or democracy could come from one who does not stand on a principle for a full day!

It is because of believing such fallacies (misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning), that those who fought the 1980-86 struggle,  ended up creating bufere democracy and a mafia state 

We all know that the opposition parties/group/camps do not agree (consent), on pretty much anything, it doesn’t matter if they claim to agree, because the actions give it away, but the protection of revolutionary fighters like Nyanzi, and the supporters of the revolution – this is so pertinent that a mutual defense pact needs to be in place, for a common response against the strikes of the mafia regime, against them.

Protecting your own is a cardinal principle in revolutionary politics. Not only locally, but also regionally. The popular rebellion in Sudan North should by now have benefited from loud voices of support from Ugandan opposition.

How to do it – protecting fighters is protecting the revolution

The strategy of political opposition in Uganda should be broad in its coverage of political matters, and all inclusive in terms of its appeal.

Exposing the evils of the junta regime locally, regionally & internally

The opposition groups should seize every incident of the mafia and junta regime, each time they unleash terror against the citizens, killing of innocents, jailing innocents, and using the judiciary system as tools of political oppression. The opposition should seize each and every incident of these to decisively record, report and expose it across all corners of the country, the region and the international forums. This is a core function of peaceful opposition, and it should not be done without coordination of the groups, but all opposition players should have a common approach to exposing the regime. The junta regime loosing credibility locally, regionally & globally for its jailing opponents, activists, shutting businesses of those perceived to be not supporting the military junta in private sector, stiffing free speech by shutting newspapers and radios, and creating  sub-human conditions for citizens in hospitals, schools, jails – these serve as material to build the right momentum for popular liberation of the country.

Pinning down the Individuals who carry out injustice

The individuals within the junta regime who are the executioners and purveyors of injustice who carry out the matching orders from the political junta, against citizens, should be meticulously recorded in the black books of Uganda’s history.  Their names should be mentioned out out of the noise and cries they met on innocents, to be on the record as tools of political persecution, so that they may not escape justice when the junta can no-longer protect them. The opposition needs to be meticulous, thorough and scientific when pinning injustice to the real individuals who carry them out, and all their assistants – you cannot bring justice to a land without pinning the ones who committed the injustice. So all those members in the army, police, intelligence, judiciary and other areas of the junta state who are doing the work of political mercenaries should be well documented and exposed to the public, for the day of reckoning

Again this something that all political opposition would find common ground on, since they’re affected by it, so a common approach and efforts to doing it is the right answer to protecting themselves against the excesses  of the junta regime

It is not logical to say say: we’re going to win the coming election, if you cannot win personal freedom first. Obviously you’re not allowed to mobilise for the said election. If as opposition politician, your personal freedom is debatable, then by all means your mission is not winning elections, it is winning freedom!

Do not claim on the podium, to be the poster child of certain values, while in fact, there is no evidence of you having put such values in action


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Global Politics

When will Uganda’s “bourgeoisie” join the peaceful revolution?




Uganda’s “Working Class” – is some of the most submissive people on the planet. A history of brutal presidents has taught the populations to always run into hiding, and keep quiet about the egregious acts and conduct of the leaders.

This does not spare the “learned” “intellectuals” “working class” “business community”, “the bourgeoisie” class of the country.

The presidential age is about to be expunged from the constitution- one would imagine that this is the last straw, the intellectuals are finally going to take a stand against the regime and act.

Whereas some politicians have come out and and said this is a “do or die” moment, and have already fought in parliament to stop it – this is too little too late.

This resistance against the regime slipping the country into anarchy, has the potential to get the full backing of the masses, and mass action, but the bourgeoisie are dead silent. No voicing, no sponsorship, no demonstration, no pulling services, no withdraw of workforce – it is business as usual.

Uganda would have the same political type as North Korea other kleptocracies (rule by thieves), where the state is the one which decides the political rights of  the people – as opposed to democracy where the people are in control of political destiny of the country.

What is surprising is that there are ‘political elites’ on each side of this discussion, although the regime elites are relying more on the regime military groups to marshal the opponents while the bill read or ‘debated’.

There are very many observations that have been made, as the cause of Uganda’s degeneration from the democratic promise ushered in the 1986 revolution. And that is that the political class and working class have remained complacent as freedoms of assembly, free speech, mobilization, representation, justice, were being taken away by the state, and vested in the hands of the regime leaders. All institutions

  • Police
  • Army
  • Judiciary
  • Parliemnt
  • Civil Service

It is hard to find them working for the people.  This is because the educated, have become complacent in this crime. The biggest contribution they can do is a Facebook post.


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