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Who We Are

Taking inspiration from liberal, democratic and progressive governments around the world, while observing the shrinking of political freedom in our own, we see a dire need to organise nationally and facilitate the desired change in our political situation. Young Revolution is therefore a political platform that represents and puts across the political thought of new generation of Ugandans.

Why We Exist

We have founded this platform aware that from student discussion groups in high school, to more vibrant political activities in universities and higher institutions of learning, the political relevance of the youth and young adults is lost on the national scale.

How We Work

Young Revolution therefore aims bring young revolutionary minds together, promoting their theories, ideas, ideologues, activism, work into the modern struggle for freedom and economic prosperity.

Individual Liberties & Freedoms is the basis of our political ideology.

Expected Outcomes

A good political space is one which upholds high values in politics and leadership, space for innovation in political theories, practices, and institutions. We consider Liberalism,  Democracy, Progressive Theories to provide the right systems of thought to govern a country well, and a better lens through which to view the world and direct action. In sum, we champion radical changes in the political & economic systems in place in order to create the necessary conditions for innovation, entrepreneurship, industrialization to take our country out of hard times.

The Values we cherish

  • Nationalism
  • Democracy

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